Mother Earth Action Co-op


The Mother Earth Action Co-operative (MEAC) is a non-profit, educational and community service co-operative, registered with the province of Saskatchewan, Canada While we operate primarily in Saskatchewan and Alberta, we are open to memberships from across Canada.

MEAC promotes education and awareness in the topic areas of the Environment/Ecology, Social Justice, Peace and Demilitarization, Indigenous Solidarity, Moving to a Non-Nuclear and Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Future, Deepening the Quality of Democracy, and Envisioning Sustainable Alternatives to Global Capitalism.

We currently are focusing on energy-related issues, such as opposing tar sands expansion, opposing uranium mining, nuclear waste burial, and other aspects of the nuclear industry, and working for a transition to renewable energy sources.  The members of MEAC are also interested in the broader questions of social justice, peace, democracy, and indigenous rights.  We are active in seeking answers to the question, “How might humanity live sustainably, justly and peacefully on this finite and fragile planet?”.

MEAC is comprised of both aboriginal and settler people, and acknowledges the treaties as calling for a just sharing of this land among aboriginal peoples and settlers with a deep respect and care for Mother Earth, her waters, air, land, and eco-systems.

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