Less is more: Energy conservation is common sense


What’s stopping Ontario from creating 25,000 jobs while slashing government deficits, boosting GDP and cutting greenhouse gas emissions? Not much really.

To make this happen, it’s a matter of doing more of the things we all do every day: turn off lights, insulate, buy more energy efficient appliances. We all conserve energy every day, but we can do much more to save more. And to do so, we need government to lead.

That’s why in our report released today, we’re calling for Ontario to embrace a bold but achievable plan to cut energy use by 25 per cent by 2025, a plan we’re calling “25 by 25.”

According to economic analysis we commissioned, achieving “25 by 25” would deliver all the benefits mentioned above: 25,000 new jobs, $3.7 more in GDP, lower deficits for both the federal and provincial governments and a nine per cent reduction in carbon emissions. Sounds like common sense to us.

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