Over 40 Businesses and groups urge Edmonton City Council to endorse Energy Transition Plan

April 27, 2015 - Edmonton – Just two days before Edmonton City Council is set to vote on its Energy Transition Plan, over 40 businesses and associations have penned an open letter to Council to signal their support.

“As a business owner, I am very concerned about issues such as climate change, public health and energy costs,” said Antonie Palmer with Sustainival Alberta.” I am pleased that after years of discussion Council has a plan in front of it  that can address all three. We encourage City Council to pass the plan and begin working on its implementation  plan.”

The Energy Transition plan is a broad framework for the City of Edmonton to develop policies that would transition Edmonton to a low carbon city by 2050.  The plan follows years of discussion by city council ranging from The Way We Green to the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy and Climate Challenges. 

“Edmonton has a great opportunity to become a world leader and reap the economic, environmental and health benefits that come with a transition  to a low-carbon economy,” echoed Konrad Joseph with ReLumen Engineering Inc. “Edmonton shouldn’t be left behind while others move forward.”


“Edmonton City Council has been discussing this type of plan for years,” said Randall Benson from Gridworks Energy Group Inc. “Citizens and stakeholders have been extensively engaged and this will continue to take place as the plan moves forward but it’s time that Council stopped talking about acting and started doing it. Edmontonians are ready to move on renewables and we’d love some municipal guidance to do it.”


The plan outlines eleven strategic actions for the city to take.  Wednesday’s vote will determine  whether the plan can proceed and administrators can continue to work on its development. Action items would then be voted on by Council at a later date.




For more information please contact:

Konrad Joseph, ReLumen Engineering Inc at 780-966-8654

Randall Benson, Gridworks Energy Group Inc. at 780-868-6952

Antoine Palmer, Sustainival Alberta at 780-970-0763



April 27, 2015


Mayor Don Iveson and Members of Edmonton City Council,


RE: Community Energy Transition Strategy


Dear Mayor Iveson and Edmonton City Council,


The issues of protecting public health, acting on climate change, and working to lower energy costs could not be more pressing and we support and commend City Council in working to address them with the urgency they deserve.


To that end, we the undersigned wish to signal our support for the City of Edmonton’s proposed Energy Transition Strategy.


We urge councillors to support and pass the Strategy, and to instruct administrators  to move quickly and ambitiously toward implementation.




  1. The Alder Room
  2. Boring Investments
  3. Canadian Engaged Buddhism Association
  4. Carbon Busters
  5. Carbon Conversations
  6. Earth Day Edmonton
  7. Earth’s General Store
  8. Edmonton Green Light Store
  9. Edmonton Small Press Association

10. Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta

11. Esengo Consulting

12. Genesis Permaculture

13. Get Cooking Edmonton

14. Glasswaters Foundation

15. Global Resource Efficiency Services (GRES)

16. Gold Forest Grains

17. Greenpeace Canada

18. Greensense

19. Greenspiration

20. Gridworks Energy Group Inc.

21. Keepers of the Athabasca

22. Keepers of the Water

23. Kim Tanasichuk Web & Graphic Design

24. Konscious Corp.

25. Louis Bull Tribe 439

26. Lucid Lifestyle

27. Mother Earth Action Cooperative

28. Music is a Weapon

29. NuEnergy Group of Companies

30. Public Interest Alberta

31. Raw Strategies

32. Remedy Café

33. Regional Environmental Action Committee

34. ReLumen Engineering Inc.

35. Salgado Fenwick

36. Solar Energy Society of Alberta

37. Sustainitech Inc.

38. Sustainival Alberta

39. The Office of Sarah

40. Theatre of the New Heart

41. Theatre YES

42. Unitarian Church of Edmonton Social Justice Committee

43. Vegans and Vegetarians of Alberta


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