Greenpeace camp to spur action on climate while thousands of climate events are being held worldwide

Edmonton – From September 19th to September 21st Greenpeace will be holding a camp to help train people to push the Alberta10447739_491545960977756_3769635216294700701_n.jpg and federal governments to take action on the growing climate crisis. Media are invited to attend on the afternoon of Saturday, September 20th.

The three-day camp will be held just outside of Edmonton on the shores of Lake Wabamun and will include training in non-violent direct action, theatre activism, volunteer recruitment and campaign planning. The event will coincide with U.N. climate meetings in New York City and a massive day of action that will see over 1,500 climate events in 130 countries worldwide.

What: Climate Action Camp.

When: 1 pm – 4:45 pm, Saturday, September 20th, 2014.

Where: Camp Meywasin, Wabamun Lake, Alberta.

Who: Greenpeace Canada and participants concerned about climate change.

Alberta is the worst greenhouse gas polluter in the country with the tar sands being the country’s largest contributor. If Canada is to join other nations in taking action on the climate it must address the pollution coming from the tar sands. The camp will train activists to pressure leaders to take climate action. 


Information about the global day of action can be found at:

To schedule interviews at the camp contact: Mike Hudema, Greenpeace Canada: 780-504-5601

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